Rena loved her teacher inspired gelish nail art by Home Nails! The gelish manicure, coupled with gelish nail art was a refreshing change from what she was used to. Read more about it at the link below. She wrote a lovely review of the entire Home Nails Gelish Manicure and Gelish Nail Art experience.

Throwback to June 2015. Our Nail Art was featured in Timeout magazine as part of fashion week. Love the print on your dress and want to customize on your digits? Trust that our manicurist can make that happen.


Homenails is featured in Honeycomber's "The Guide to Best Nail Salons in Singapore". Read more on what they say at

Quality Nail Art is what we believe all customers deserve. This set of nails lasted for 5 weeks without any blemish. Customer had to remove them as they have grown out.

HomeNails is featured in HerWorld (Thanks to our neighbour, Shunji Matsuo by poise) as one of the "Must Visit Salons". I can see our full rack of colours there!

We, at HomeNails pride ourselves to provide premium services at affordable prices. The first is to give customers a wide range of colour to choose from. We have more than 1200 bottles of gelish and opi colour, you will definitely find one that you like. Spoilt for choice? Our experienced manicurists will gladly assist you!

Check out this blog post by Simply Beauty featuring our very own Home Nails!

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